Visiting Us

Nature at 8500 feet is magnificent and it is powerful.  Respect and personal preparation for the rapidly changing weather patterns is essential for an enjoyable and safe visit to this remote land.  The nearest emergency medical facility is fully one hour away by car. If you have more questions, please see our frequently asked questions (faqs) page.

Visits at high altitude require your active preparation as follows:

  • Give your body a chance – to acclimate to the altitude for at least a day preferably more if you are arriving from a lower elevation – specifically sea level.  While the oxygen in your blood is adjusting to the altitude do not over do athletic activity in the first two days of your visit.
    • If you experience headaches travel to lower altitude immediately.
    • Stay hydrated.
    • Minimize alcohol intake.
    • Ensure that you cover exposed skin with sun block.
    • Wear non cotton layers to wick away perspiration to avoid hypothermia.
  • Insects are a fact of life in the mountains. Be sure you have repellent in the spring and summer months.

Visiting us with a horse.

  • Must have current brand papers.
  • Proof of vaccinations within the last 12 month required.
    3 Way accepted. 5 Way (Tetanus, influenza, encephalitis, rhino and West Nile virus) highly recommend.
  • Coggins is required for out of state horses.
  • Health papers if there is a current outbreak of a contagious desease in the area your horse is boarded.
  • Rembember to bring your muck bucket and fork.
  • Large water buckets are provided.
  • Hay is available for purchase at market price.
  • Hay storage bags required for folks keeping their ponies in the indoor stalls.
  • Check-in and check-out for horse runs is 12 noon.
  • Any panel damage will result in a fee of $100 per panel
  • Horse owners with self care accommodations are responsible for daily cleaning of pens. At check-out, pens must be free of manure, hay, straw, and all bedding or a cleaning fee of $50 an hour will be added to the bill
  • Find more information about our Equine Accommodations here.

Visiting us with a dog.

  • Well behaved dogs only please.
  • On leash only.
  • Proof of vaccinations within the last 12 month required. (Rabies, corona, parvo, distemper, and hepatitis.)
  • Guests bringing along their canine kids wanting to participate in activities without their dogs. Please remember to bring the portable kennel if planning to leave dog in cabin while doing so.


Check in is 2 p.m. or after.

Please keep in mind we are a true working ranch.

Early to rise and early to bed. If you do need to check in late, please let us know.

Cabin check out no later than 11 a.m. please.