Whistling Elk Ranch is Located at 8500 feet in North Park, one of the “parcs”  or large valleys in Colorado named by French Explorers in the early 1800’s.  Nestled at the foot of Owl Mountain the ranch covers 5000 acres of human history, the first sign of which appeared in the area in 250 AD.   Spanish, French and American explorers  traversed the land originally inhabited by Indians in search of commerce development in gold and silver mining, fur trading and eventually the establishment of ranching.

Whistling Elk Ranch is an assemblage of several old family cattle ranches replete with the original log buildings, root cellars, corrals and yes, even a whiskey still operation hidden away in the trees.  The untouched setting allows one to imagine what life was like in the old American West as you stand at the entrance of one of the buildings and see what our forbears saw at sunrise and sunset.