Conservation is Key

Whistling Elk Ranch is owned by the Pennington’s. Ty Pennington purchased the ranch back in 2009,  fulfilling a life-long dream of preserving and sharing part of the American West with his family and others.

Stewardship of the land was always his passion. The respect for wildlife habitat is evident in the healthy population of moose, deer, elk, bear, and antelope on the property.  The ranch’s water resources are carefully nurtured to support wildlife and the famous North Park hay that is grown on the land to feed ranch livestock.

Maintaining a careful eye on the meadows and forests continually grooming them of beetle kill and opening the canopy for new and healthy growth.

One can wander in the meadows, the forest and the hillsides and see Rabbit Ears Pass across the valley 100 miles away. The only “obstructions” in the view are two traditional  windmills and neighboring cattle grazing on the valley floor.