The ranch opens on December 1st for Cross County Skiing, (Our trails, 50+ km, are groomed for classic skiing with tracks set ), snow shoeing, horseback riding, sleigh rides, hiking, and wildlife viewing. (With the exception of the bears who are asleep now)

This time of year provides a variety of weather conditions where one day a ski, snowshoe, walk or hike is inviting. Some days are great just curling up with a book in front of the fire, other years you might find our first fly fishermen going after the sometimes elusive trout in our ponds and lakes. Regardless of your choice, the silence and beauty of Nature surrounds you.

Memorial Day begins the summer season at the ranch, where fishing in one of the 5 lakes and ponds, horseback riding, stage coach rides, photo tours, wildlife and wild flower viewing are the most popular activities. Mountain biking and hiking or just a walk on one of the trails appeals to many ranch visitors.

Nothing is more beautiful than how the land prepares for winter with the quaking aspen changing color and the grasses’ changing hue. Wildlife are active, preparing their dens. The ranch closes on September 15th each year for the wildlife and land to rest.